Cambridge African Festival of Arts

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2024 Theme: Breaking New Grounds

The Cambridge African Festival of Arts debuts with the theme “Breaking New Grounds,” signaling a profound exploration of innovative narratives, artistic expressions, and cultural revelations within the African diaspora. Through dynamic performances, thought-provoking film screenings, and engaging discussions, the festival pioneers new frontiers in African art and creativity. “Breaking Ground” encapsulates a spirit of daring exploration, where artists and attendees venture beyond conventional boundaries to uncover untold stories, celebrate diverse identities, and forge connections across borders. It serves as a platform for unity, progress, and the transformative power of artistic endeavor within the African community and beyond. By challenging stereotypes and expanding perspectives, the festival aims to stimulate dialogue, foster understanding, and inspire change. In embracing this theme, the festival champions the courage to explore uncharted territories, paving the way for a future where African art and culture thrive in all their richness and diversity.

Date: 6th April 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: The Clay Farm Centre, Hobson Square, Trumpington, Cambridge. CB2 9FN.