What We Do

We are a hub for innovative and collaborative solutions to the social, economic, and environmental challenges facing Africa and the world, leveraging the creativity and resilience of its people.

  • We promote and celebrate the diverse cultures of Africa in the UK, and provide a platform for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between Africans and the wider community.
  • We champion the talents, achievements, and potential of Africans in the UK and globally, while empowering the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs to shape a brighter future for Africa and the world.
  • We foster a sense of belonging and pride among Africans in the UK, while challenging negative stereotypes and promoting a more nuanced and positive narrative of Africa and its people.
  • We facilitate academic and cultural exchanges between Africa and the UK, while promoting research and education on African issues, including history, politics, economics, and culture.



How We Work

We work in collaboration with UK and African based organisations and venues to deliver our programs. Our future goal is to have a building where we can carry out our programmes and collaborate with organisations and individuals to deliver theirs. We are based in Cambridge but work across the UK.